raphaeldarmon.com Letter Before Legal Action


Hibel, Waldman, Dahan & Co.,  Law Offices & Notary

Ilana Waldman, Adv. (LLB., M.A.) & Notary
Moshe Hibel, Adv. (LLB., LLM.) & Notary
Gal Dahan, Adv. (LLB.)* **
Stav Weiss, Adv. (LLB., LLM.) ***

* Also a Solicitor of the Supreme Court
of England and Wales
** Avocat inscrit au Barreau de Paris – DE 98/5/CE
*** ULB Belgium & Berkly University


1 & 1 Internet
Brauerstrasse 48

September 22, 2012

Re: www.raphaeldarmon.com


Dear Sir:

Reference is made to the website www.raphaeldarmon.com.


On September 6th, 2012, upon our client’s request, we sent you a letter explaining to you who was the author of the website, her obvious intention to harm our client and the damage already caused to the latter.


As of today, you have not contacted my law firm and have taken the freedom to publish our letter without our authorization. Therefore, we hereby request you to delete this letter from such website without delay.


Failing any immediate action from you, we shall bring legal proceedings against you before the competent courts.


Sincerely yours,

Gal Dahan, adv.

Cc.: 1 and 1 Internet Inc. – 701 Lee road, Suite 300, Chesterbrook, PA 19087 – USA

* view the pdf here: letter before legal action

** For the preceding letter, click here


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